All of our shelters come with reinforced grommets and appropriate ties. Also included with each shelter are complete set up instruction. Poles and ropes and not included. These may be easily obtained at your local hardware store or lumber yard. We' ll tell you what you need. Call for pricing on tents. At this time everything is changing frequently we get your pricing when you inquire. We are a Panther Tents dealer.

SMALL WEDGE OR 'A' FRAME: This is the standard 6'wide x 6' deep x 7' tall at the peak. The ridge line and all stress points are reinforced. It takes ten stakes around the base.

LARGE WEDGE OR 'A' FRAME: This popular size was an earlier design, 6' wide x 6' tall, but 9' long. Stress points and ridge line are reinforced. Takes 10 stakes.

OFFICER'S WALL TENT - TYPE I: This tent is 10'6" wide x 11'6" long x 7' at the peak with 3'9" walls. Reinforcement at the ridge line and stress points add durability. This tent takes 18-23 stakes.

TENT FLY: Flys may be used as sun shades or rain flys by extending the roof section. They may also be placed directly over the tent itself to serve as an insulation layer in cool weather and a cooling unit in hot weather. Fly for officer's wall tent measures 12' x 12'. It requires 8 stakes.

When ordering tents, please add the following shipping costs to your total: Shipping must be determined at time of order. It is so fluid these days.

All tents have been treated to with water repellent and fire and mildew repellent.

As with any activity, care should be taken around the camp fire.